Pood Paw Prints - We publish crazy

About Us

We are too strange for most if not all publishing companies in the mainstream.  They like novels that appeal to the lowest possible denominator, and the highest sales, regardless of quality.  We want quality and fun and to stir the pot.  Our name comes from the first collaborative novel we (well mostly David) wrote.  The Pood.

What We Will Do

Publish our own books and sell them to people who enjoy good writing with a twist.  Usually with a nipple twister and some orifice puckering. 


We started working on ideas from the crazy mind of Scott, then twisted by David nearly beyond recognition, then crammed through a squealing square peg with relentless force by Dave.

Testimonials From The Void

"Read this book and I live again!" -- Nixon, from Hell

"BLAAAAAAAAAARGGGGHHHHH" -- The Pood, on your back porch


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